Learning Paths

No matter where you are at in your learning journey, there's always something for you. 
Our learning paths offer a variety of course options. From classroom to online to self-study courses, each course is designed to improve your product knowledge. Take a look at the following Learning Paths to see the courses recommended to help you transition from a beginner to a more advanced user of each product.

Note: Some courses apply to more than one product area.

Corptax Learning Paths

Have you just added a new Corptax product or are you a brand new Corptax user? If so, you may be interested to see the recommended sequence of courses to take by product area.

Follow the links below to view learning paths for the following Corptax product areas:

• Corptax U.S. Compliance          • Corptax International
• Corptax Pass Through• Corptax Provision
• Corptax Administration

LicenseHQ Learning Paths

Are you just launching your LicenseHQ journey or looking for ways to gain a deeper understanding of the product? These LicenseHQ learning paths are sure to meet your needs.

Use the links below to view learning paths for the following LicenseHQ areas:

• LicenseHQ new user
• LicenseHQ experienced user

PTMS Learning Paths

Interested in improving your PTMS knowledge or wondering where to start? Check out these learning paths created for you, the PTMS user.

You can view learning paths for the following PTMS areas by following the links below:

PTMS new user
PTMS experienced user

AppealTrack Learning Paths

Hit the ground running with the AppealTrack learning path to get the best product adoption for tracking properties and parcel values, processing tax payments, and creating check requests.

Click the link below to view a learning path for the following AppealTrack area:

AppealTrack new user