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Demonstrate your Corptax product knowledge. Get certified. 

The Corptax Certified Professional program not only proves your software comprehension is high, but also validates your accomplishments as a master Corptax user to a current or future employer. As the product usage varies by licensees, our certification programs are designed to cover core product usage along with Corptax recommended best practices.


There are four types of certification:

To qualify, you must pass the respective certification exam (includes knowledge exam and case study). Review the certification FAQs or the program details for each topic, linked above, to learn more.

Use your Continuous Education Subscription (CES) to acquire the knowledge foundation necessary to pass the certification exam. To locate helpful courses or upcoming exam dates, filter the Education Schedule category to "Certified Professional". 

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Note: If you are interested in the CES and how it can help your organization maximize your product skills, contact your Account Manager for details.